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Business Air Charter, Elite and Private Air Charter

Business Air Charter

With over 35 years of experience hosting flights around Australia, Moorabbin Air Charters can fly you anywhere in Australia, saving you time and allowing you to travel with flexibility. All operations  are flown under the parent company Kirkhope Aviation Pty Ltd’s Air Operator Certificate.

Why should you should consider Business or Corporate Air Charter

The distance to Moorabbin Airport from the city is a little further than say Essendon Airport but the ease of access and ease of departure for business, private or corporate air charter more than makes up for this in time and money to get you airborne. Your vehicle can be parked right outside the departure lounge and the aircraft is no more than 30 metres away. Parking is also available in open car parks on the aerodrome or we can arrange a covered “car kennel”  valet service nearby on the airport.

  • Business Air Charter can save you time and accommodation costs. It saves driving time to Melbourne Airport and other commercial connections.
  • There’s no requirement to adhere to airline schedules or drive long distances by road. Create your own timetable… there are no curfews .
  • Enjoy great comfort flying in superbly maintained twin engine aircraft. Multiple aircraft options are available.
  • Go direct to your destination… eg: Olympic Dam, Wagga, Bathurst, Warrnambool,Sydney or Griffith for example.
  • Moorabbin is conveniently located  particularly for those people, corporations and businesses  in the South Eastern suburbs .
  • Incorporate leisure activities designed to your requirements, a little golf, bush hiking, wine tasting, bird watching or just about any activity.
  • Private charter is a great option for team building or employee incentive reward programs.
  • All pilots are instrument rated, commercial and professional.
  • Kirkhope Aviation has all the appropriate Air Operator Certificate issued by CASA with the required insurance cover that allows charter operation throughout Australia.

ZOK Super King AIr outside the hangar

Air Charter at Moorabbin Airport

ZOK Super King Air interior

Business, Corporate or Private Charters with Kirkhope Aviation offer a number of different aircraft depending on your travels needs. We now offer a turbine pressurized 11 seat aircraft along with a fleet of Pistons. Our fleet comprises of:

  • Beechcraft King Air VH-ZOK… up to 10 passengers, corporate seating, pressurised with twin turbine engines, an emergency toilet  and  530 km/hr
  • Piper Chieftain VH-RUH…up to 9 passengers, DVD screens, forward facing seats and 360 km/h
  • Piper Chieftain VH-ZUM ..up to 8 passengers, club seating, air conditioned and 360 km/hr
  • Piper Navajo VH-HXN…..up to 7 passengers, club seating, air conditioned and 340 km/hr
ZOK Super King Air corporate club seating

ZOK Super King Air club seating

What is an Elite Air Charter?

Maybe you want a more elite service offering exclusivity, comfort and speed. The Super King Air aircraft is perfect for this. In our Elite Airt Charter, we can fly you from Moorabbin to Sydney in 1 hour 40 mins. This is about the same time it takes to drive from the south eastern suburbs to Melbourne airport and board a commercial flight. Literally you are in Sydney before your jet may have departed. Should you require specialised  catering and or two pilot operation, this can also be provided to make your charter all the more tailor-made.

International  visitors fly from all around the globe to see Australia’s great Southern Island wilderness of Tasmania, King Island, Flinders Islands plus the naturalist retreat of Kangaroo Island while enjoying five star accommodation at Saffire Lodge in Freycinet, Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island.  So why not mix a dash of adventure with a pampering spa treatment in your Great Southern inspired Bespoke Air Tour?

Indicative charter costs

See the price range page for an indicative price to fly to a destination and return from Moorabbin in the one day. This chart indicates the approximate elite air charter  cost including GST based on our  smallest corporate twin engine aircraft of our fleet.  The price will vary depending on which aircraft type is requested, the number of days away and the number of destinations.

Go to the charter enquiry form to request a detailed quote once you have looked at our pricing page.

Sample Air Charter Destinations from Moorabbin Airport

  • Business air charters are possible to almost any destination …for example Albury, Wangaratta, Horsham, Bairnsdale, Hamilton, Portland, Mildura, Warrnambool, Ararat, Wagga, Griffith and  Bathurst …all less than 2 hours flying regardless of aircraft type.
  • Mt Hotham ski trips and or drop off, pick up. You could have a full day skiing and still be home by 6pm.
  • Barnbougle and other golf courses on Flinders or King Islands or the Murray River…. in a one day trip with your own golf clubs.
  • King Island or Flinders Island or Kangaroo Island
  • And the Australian outback in general…

Jet Aircraft and Medivac Charter also can be arranged ex Essendon

For jet charter or medivac services based at Essendon airport contact Jet CityKirkhope Aviation owns the magnificent turbine, pressurised King Air aircraft and has the best twin engine piston aircraft available. However sometimes clients require jet aircraft and we recommend Jet City for jet charter or medivac services based at Essendon airport.


If you’re looking for a business air charter service from Melbourne, contact us with your destination and travel requirements and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist with all arrangements.