Departure Details

Departure Details for Flights from Moorabbin Airport

Your  corporate air charter departs from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne … namely, Moorabbin Airport. This is about a 30 minute drive from the city. While Essendon may be slightly shorter drive the access and easy of departure from the smaller airport more than makes up for the difference. Your charter  can depart also from nearby locations such as Essendon if you require… but often this unnecessarily increases the price.

Vehicles can be left quite safely at Moorabbin Airport.

Parking is available in the street or  for longer charters your car can be placed in undercover “car kennel” valet parking on the airport. This needs to be arranged prior and the car kennel company will pickup and drop off your car from outside our departure lounge……ring 1300 20 61 30 or 0427 942 028 to arrange.


Corporate Air Charter - Kirkhope Aviation Departure Details Lounge Moorabbin Airport

Moorabbin Airport flights – The Kirkhope Aviation  departure lounge  is at “Hangair” …. Hangar 7 … Second Street, Moorabbin Airport.  Do not confuse with Second Avenue. Follow the large  blue signs to “Access Gate 2 ” and you will arrive at Second Street. We are located at the north end on the left.

Moorabbin Airport - Kirkhope Aviation Departure Lounge

Moorabbin Air Charters makes it easy for you to charter a plane.

If you need any further information on departure details or aircraft charter please  contact us by email or ring 1300 20 61 30.