Elite Air Charter

Elite Air Charter

…..“timeliness is the essence of business and as in life”

Time is as important as money in your value proposition, so travelling direct by air charter makes perfect business sense! Elite Air Charter empowers you to fly expeditiously where and when you require very cost effectively. Fly high in the pressurised safety and comfort of your exclusively chartered King Air twin turboprop; avoid the limiting schedules and airport queues; arrive refreshed enjoying enhanced productivity on the way in luxury similar to a corporate or private jet at a fraction of the cost.

Contact us or Phone Tony Kirkhope on +61 3 9882-4236.


Thinking of Chartering a Private Jet Aircraft?

Perhaps you were thinking of chartering a private jet for your next corporate charter but feel the cost prohibitive, then consider the cost effective alternative of flying in our Super King Air, offering luxury similar to that of a comparable corporate jets at a fraction of the cost.

Elite Air Charter for the busy executive