Three Reasons Why You Should Charter a KingAir to Mt Hotham This Winter

It’s snowing in Australia which means winter has arrived with a vengeance.

This is the sign you were waiting for, to charter a flight in our King Air to Mt Hotham, where the weather is perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

Flights to Mt HothamThere can be no better place for you than the Hotham Alpine Resort that is currently receiving about 90cm of snow. For skiers and snowboarders, there is 84 cm on the snow run, while 86 cm and 101 cm have been recorded on the Big-D and the Upper Higgi Dr, respectively.

In case you want to know why I suggest you charter a flight in our King Air to Hotham rather than any other aircraft, you would be interested to learn that there are special air charters at Melbourne’s Moorabbin Airport that use this very safe plane to transport skiers and snowboarders to Mt Hotham. Best of all, it will take you no more than 35 minutes to get to the cross-country trails at your favourite skiing and snowboarding resort.

There is no comparison with the KingAir when you want a safe and comfortable journey from Moorabbin to the Hotham Alpine Resort.  No other aircraft can transport you, rapidly, with the same degree of safety and comfort, to the tree-lined skiing and snowboarding trails of Australia’s favourite winter destination. The KingAir accomplishes this, while satisfying the three conditions that are crucial to your safety and comfort:

1. Spacious Pressurized Cabin:

Your comfort is assured when you board the King Air and make yourself at home in its spacious pressurized cabin, as the aircraft wings its way rapidly to Hotham.

2. Flying Capacity in Icy Conditions:

While snow is welcomed by ski and snow-board enthusiasts, it is usually accompanied by icy weather conditions that present a challenge to aircraft. Fortunately for those planning to fly on the King Air, the aircraft has been specifically devised keeping such weather in view and carries the FAA’s certification for its ability to fly safely in these conditions. The Melbourne region has few other aircraft types that can match this feat.

3. Most Popular Turboprop Aircraft Engine:

The PT-6 turbine engine that the King Air boasts is amongst the most liked turboprop aircraft engines ever and has proven to be amongst the most reliable as well. Lie back in this contemporary twin-engine plane as you contemplate the skiing and snowboarding you will soon indulge in at the Race Gully, Sundowner and Big-D trails at your favourite winter destination.

Given these three important features of the King Air, it would not surprise you to learn that the aircraft finds favour with the Swiss Air Force that employs this plane for its transport operations in the extreme flying conditions of the Swiss Alps. Closer home, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) has accorded the KingAir’s safety with unqualified approval through the aircraft’s exclusive use in Air Ambulance services.

In other words, you can take a safe flight for granted when you charter a King Air for your skiing and snowboarding holiday flight to Mt Hotham with Kirkhope Aviation. While as many as 10 passengers can travel on the aircraft, a group of 5 – 8 would be ideal, making due allowance for luggage.

So go right ahead and charter the King Air for that skiing and snowboarding  trip to the Hotham Alpine Resort, with its variety of runs for every manner of skier and boarder, whether beginner or expert. Hurry — the weather at the resort simply cannot get any better!  Give us a call if you’re looking to charter a flight to Mt Hotham.


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